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So, my Jazz Hands Jesus idea has hit a bit of a snag since my Godspell DVD got here. I watched it on Monday (not last night, stupid. What, and miss the end of Buffy??!?), and realized that the story I had planned on using Matchbox Twenty lyrics to illustrate came much more from Jesus Christ Superstar. It was much more the mime references I got from Godspell.

So, now what do I do? Iíve got songs that deal with Caiaphus and the Pharisees (Saducees?), Jesus and Judas (Iíve got like 4 of those), the betrayal in the garden, the Pontius Pilate bit, the part where the spaceship catches Graham Chapman as he falls from theÖ wait. Not that last one.

And none of that is in Godspell. Not enough to warrant a song, anyway.

You may think, from this entry, that I am Christian. I am not. But I was an English major, and so Iíve taken more than my share of ďBible as literatureĒ classes. And my parents made me go to church when I wasnít old enough to resist. So I know the story and all its sundry permutations.

And that would be the problem. Iíve confused my stories, much like Matthew, Mark, John and Luke did (ha HA!). The Jesus Christ Superstar part sort of takes away from the inherent comedy of the Godspell mime factor. Besided, Mr. Show already did a JCS parody, and much better than I ever could.

So now what do I do? Anyone who wants an associate producer credit should leave me a note or IM me. Thanks!

2:08 p.m. - 2003-05-21


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