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How do you spell "dreidle?"

My mind feels a little bit like itís full of syrup. I realize that there are all sorts of gooey things that go on in a body, so I guess I need to reform that sentence to be more scientifically accurate. OK: the synapses in my brain feel like they are dipped in apoxy and that every thought has to struggle to get to the hypothalmus or whatever part it is of the brain that thinks thoughts.

Can you tell I was not that great a biology student? To rephrase again: I feel dull. I have felt dull this whole week, and I donít think I can blame all that alcohol for all my dullness. Dorkfysh came by last night with the Kid, so she got to see me in all my dullish glory. I was already in my evening pants when they arrived, and we sat and ate pizza and watched TV while the Kid solved more crimes CSI style. I donít know what she was expecting, but now I think she thinks Iím slow, but Iím just from Canada, eh?

Except Iím not from Canada, damnit.

I was not impressed with the Friday Five today, so Iím ignoring it. Thatís allowed, right? The Friday Gestapo wonít come barrelling through my monitor will they? Will they?

Hope not. So, Iíve started reading the reviews of Matrix Reloaded, now that Iíve seen it, and I think I agree with a lot of the complaints that some reviewers have, but that didnít taint my enjoyment of the film. Which is odd. Iím usually the first one to point out errors in logic and bad acting and gratuitous artsiness and whatnot, which this movie has, but I still enjoyed myself. Maybe itís because I got to see it on its opening night in a theatre full of geeks, whooping and hollering and whoaing at all the right moments. Maybe it was all the painkillers I was on. But I liked it.

In health news, I continue to scratch scabs all over my arms and torso, and some unseen force has been kicking me in the stomach for the past two days. But I suppose it could always be worse.

I am excited about one thing, though. I have a date with my very own Trevor Dunnigan after work today. Iíve already bought our tickets to the 7:15pm showing of ďA Mighty Wind,Ē and Iíve been forewarned that it isnít as silly as the last ones, but you know what? Itíll still be a great movie, because itís a great cast and a great director and I trust them, Ebert be damned!

You know the tune for the Dreidle song? Itís so much more fun to sing if you substitute the word ďEbertĒ for ďDreidle.Ē Sing it with me:

Ebert, Ebert, Ebert, Ebert made of clay...

10:51 a.m. - 2003-05-16


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