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I had a brilliant idea while sitting in traffic the other day. Iím officially copyrighting this idea right now, May 13th,2003, so back off. So hereís the gist:

Godspell. Revival. Same period costume (thatís the 1973 mime look, for those not familiar with it), but with different music. I call it: ďJazz Hands Jesus: Godspell through the music of Matchbox Twenty.Ē

Eh? Eh? Crazy, yes? Crazy enough to work!

I donít know why I chose Matchbox Twenty. Iím not that big a fan. Maybe itís the slight Jesus complex aura Rob Thomas seems to exude. Maybe itís because thatís the only CD thatís been in my car for a while. Difficult to say. All I know is, itís brilliant and youíre just jealous.

And yes, that is Victor Garber, aka SpyDaddy, as Jesus.

In other news, there is no other news. Iím cranky at work today. RockStar sister has an Estelle story that seems to fit in with what Iíve been saying lately, along with some disturbing other stuff. Itís so weird being able to read her journal. Iím sure sheís weirded out at times being able to read mine, but I donít write stuff thatís all that personal. I know I could use this space to complain about how Trevor Dunnigan never talks to me and seems to be jealous of the weirdest components of my life, but that doensnít seem that fair to him. And the drugs Iím on preclude any sex life to speak of anyway, so what else is there to weird her out?

Rather than go into the reasons why I now hate everyone I work with, because that would entail long explanations of what I do and why, Iím just going to tell you how I feel when these people put me in anxious murderous rages like the one Iím in now. Iím shaking. My heart is beating pretty fast, faster than normal anyway, and if someone were to ask me a question, I would be speaking faster than normal, and softer. I am furiously going through ďwhat ifsÖĒ in my head, should any of the coworkers on my hit list happen to come into my cube. My right leg in bouncing up and down awfully fast, my head hurts just above my right eye, and I donít seem to be typing very well. Iím wondering when that Klonopin is going to hit. Should I take another? Itís tempting, but given the other drugs Iíve taken today, probably not a good idea. I should just take comfort in the fact that I wonít be getting any work done. Ha HA. Take that.

Not very comforting. Iíve gone out and taken a walk, so Iím kinda overheated and out of breath, and now my headache has grown to include my right ear. But if I take off my headphones Iíll have to listen to all the office talk. And that would be too much. Iíll change the playlist to something more calming, see if that helps.

Oh, this hate is tiring me out.

3:53 p.m. - 2003-05-13


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