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Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart

So, we had our party this weekend. I think this picture says it all.

I was concerned that no one would come, and in fact most people did bail, but we had enough people come to have a lot of fun. Well be eating party food for the next three weeks or so, but really, when isnt a good time to eat chips and salsa? Well, right now, really, because Im still hungover and wont be fully recovered for quite some time.

The party unofficially started at 2:30, when the niece and nephew arrived to partake of the game room. I received as a housewarming gift an animitronic singing Dean Martin doll, and he fits nicely in the dcor of our game room. It was just me, Trevor Dunnigan and the fam until about fiveish, when dorkfysh and her kid appeared with pie in hand.

She and the Kid are just as cute as can be, and Im so glad they were able to make it.

My friends Paul and Bec from work came by soon after, and we opened up the alcohol and the forensics, because those are the kinds of parties I throw. Luckily, the Kid was there to help us with our chemistry, because lord knows the roomful of drunk adults were of no help.

From there, it begins to blur. All I can tell you is that my night ended up with projectile vomiting on the wall and heating vent in our bathroom, and I learned that my hair is, in fact, long enough to get in the way of drunken puking. Yay!

Help me.

1:00 p.m. - 2003-05-12


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