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I donít know why I didnít notice this before (probably because I havenít really listened to the words closely enough before), but I think Eminemís ďLose YourselfĒ is this decades ďEye of the Tiger.Ē

If Eminem ainít hanginí tough, stayiní hungry, then I donít know who is.

Today has been better now that Iím back down to my regularly scheduled meds program. I got a fair amount of work done, got my carrot from the boss, and donít feel quite so bleah. And yet, I still donít have much to say.

Iím planning for my big housewarming party this Saturday, and Iíve decided that, given my party history, I will go for the less is more approach. Weíll have the basicsósnacks, standard well drinks and mixers, beer. But Iím not slaving over a hot stoveóor any heated appliance for that matteróbecause we can always run to the store to pick up more stuff if it turns into a par-TAY. Iíd much rather that than have a kitchen full of fancy limes and plastic monkeys at the ready for two uncomfortable people sitting in folding chairs in the living room picking cat hair off their shirts.

I guess the one thing Iím regretting right now is that I donít have a good stereo system on which to play party music. Oh, Iíve got good music. But it seems, I donít know, so high school to be having a party and playing the music on a Circuit City boom box circa 1994. Iím supposed to be an adult, here.

Ah, fuck it. Iíve got a game room.

4:41 p.m. - 2003-05-07


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