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Best. Aunt. Ever.

So, tomorrow is "Take your child to work day." I don't have a child, and the one family member who does will be on a business trip, so it's really "Take your nephew to work day." And what a day I have planned.

He's coming in after his dentist appointment, and I have an ID badge already made for him. I'll give him a tour of the office, show him where the free cokes and cookies are, and then show him to his own desk.

It won't have a computer, but I have some stuff that a seven year old should find interesting. My sister said last year that he was quite happy just to sit and staple.

He likes to play Frogger, so I found a site where he can play it while I'm in my 11:30 meeting. My rockstar sister has also asked me to show him how to use AIM, so they can chat as well. He should find that very fun.

Then? Lunch. I'm letting him choose, though I'll try to lead him away from fast food. I'm hoping for Elmer's, since they serve breakfast all day, and I'm a sucker for their German Pancake.

Finally, at the recommendation of a friend, we're going to see Holes.

I'm totally winning the "favorite aunt" contest.

8:12 p.m. - 2003-04-23


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