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Way out of Egypt

I have had a very tiring day so far, but that’s not important right now. I need to tell you about our latest bookgroup book.

I received an email that named Out of Egypt as our next book. So, I dutifully looked up the title on Amazon to see what it was all about. The list popped up and I carelessly clicked on the top link: Out of Egypt, by Jeanette Howard, subtitled One Woman’s Journey out of Lesbianism.

Well, that didn’t sound like our usual bookgroup fare.

I scrolled down further. No one had reviewed it. Amazon had suggested other books that “customers who bought this book also bought,” with titles like Living with your Husband’s Secret Wars and Coming Out of Homosexuality: New Freedom for Men & Women.

Well, I thought, I kind of wish I had been at the meeting when this was brought up.

Our bookgroup is very small. It consists of mostly women my sister met while in law school. Well, before I joined it had consisted only of women my sister met while in law school. We are six nice, liberal, educated women. Three are married, two divorced, and one (me) living in glorious, seven-year sin. There is only one woman who even leans toward religion, and she’s a Quaker. Very nice, very “live and let live” sort of woman. So I couldn’t imagine who suggested this or how it had gotten on her radar.

Luckily, before I actually bought the book and ended up on some horrible Jerry Falwell, god-hates-fags mailing list, constantly being barraged on Amazon with “If you like this small-minded, hateful, lying piece of shit book, you’ll love the latest book from the KKK,” I double-checked the author: Andre Aciman.

The real Out of Egypt, a Memoir sounds like a perfectly good book about living in Egypt with a crazy family. It’s perfectly within the personality of our group.

That other book, I’m not even going to link to it. It doesn’t deserve the attention. It did please me to know that that book ranked 279,108th in Amazon’s list. I’m glad to say that’s only 279098 slots down from Stupid White Men.

2:40 p.m. - 2003-04-15


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