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reading, playing and arachnids

So, Iím still itchy, and itís driving me mad. Now, the itchiness has settled on my shoulders, allowing my lower back and ass to heal a little, but not enough to keep me from absentmindedly sticking my hands down my pants when Iím talking to people. Lovely. Also, Iíve acquired some sort spider bite or enormous pimple on my scalp (I canít tell what it really is, through all the gray hair), and it hurts like a motherfucker. It seems bigger than a normal pimple or an ingrown hair, and it showed up overnight.

But I reeeeeaaaaalllly donít like the idea of a spider crawling around my hair. Weíll see if I keel over from the toxins this evening or not. If I wake up tomorrow, Iíll assume itís just an oddly-placed zit.

I finally managed to finish our bookgroup book before bookgroup, but then I didnít go to the meeting. I was feeling crappy all weekend, and my other sister (the lawyer sister, not the rock star sister) wasnít going to go, so I bailed on it. The book was good. The Magicianís Assistant, by Ann Patchett. She also wrote Bel Canto, the one thatís been getting rave reviews recently. Sheís a very easy read. Her narration and use of dialogue is good, and she moves between past and present very fluidly. And her stories keep interested, and never go the way you think theyíre going to go, and yet make total sense once they go there. I think I liked The Magicianís Assistant better than Bel Canto, mostly because Iím not as fluent in Opera as the rest of my family. My mother fell in love with Bel Canto.

I donít know what the next book for book group is, but Iíve started The Haunting of L, by Howard Norman. Heís a Canadian writer that always has the weirdest names for his characters. This one is really good so far.

Iíve also been playing Syberia. The graphics are really fantastic. I havenít played many PC games since we got our PS2, but it works pretty good for us, since Trevor Dunnigan just got The Getaway. Now we can both play our games at the same time. This seems to please the cats, as they get to hang out with both of us in the game room, which they can only be in when weíre there. If only one of us is up there, they have a hard time deciding which one of us to hang with. Well, Mn will be upstairs regardless of who is up there, Tang tends to follow me, and T follows Trevor Dunnigan. I kind of like that we each have our following. Though really, Mn is a whore and tends to favor whoever is in the big blue chair.

4:49 p.m. - 2003-04-14


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