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I had a two-margarita lunch today. You know, and half a bean burger. But mostly? Margarita. Itís been quite impossible for me to even attempt work. Oops.

So instead, I sent out an eVite invitation to the housewarming party weíre finally throwing. You knowóthe traditional party you throw after having lived in a house for 5 months. Itís a Cinco de Mayo party too, though I apologize in advance to the Latino community and Mexico for bogarting their holiday. Though really, we should have more parties to commemorate someone beating France in a battle, donít you think? And this has nothing to do with the Freedom Fries debacleóI just think the French are a good punchline.

Anyway, I debated with myself (and nearly lost several times) before deciding to have a party. In college, I threw a party and nobody came. It was deeply depressing. I had chips. I had alcohol. It was college. What happened?!?!? I donít rightly know. All I know is that I cleaned the house for nothing, and that tequila just isnít as fun when youíre drinking alone. I think I ended up watching The Company of Wolves, but I donít remember how I felt about that movie. Perhaps because I was too busy waiting for the doorbell to ring. Which, of course, it never did.

It never did.

3:29 p.m. - 2003-04-10


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