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I'll take potpourri for 500 please, Alex

Nothing has happened yet today that is really worth writing about, Iíll tell you that right now. And I realize that this is really not a good way to start an entry when youíre angling for increased readership, but Iím just being honest. I think the only thing that would make a good story from the past 24 hours is that Mn puked somewhere in the house early this morning, but Trevor Dunnigan and I didnít think it worth getting out of bed for. And now? We canít find it. We scoured the house this morning for that little trail of half-digested kibble and black cat hair, to no avail. I sincerely doubt that Mn cleaned it up himself, heís even lazier than I am. I suspect weíll find it in a couple weeks, under a nice layer of fuzzy mold and dirt, probably on the carpet and found by being stepped on while not wearing shoes. Thatís usually the way these things turn out. And weíll have no one to blame but ourselves for being to sleepy to get out of bed.

And the cat. He gets part of the blame.

I have a date tonight with Trevor Dunnigan. Portland, in an effort to boost the restaurant economy in this time of economic downturn, is having a thing called 25 for $25, where 25 fancy restaurants in Portland are offering three course gourmet meals for $25. Isnít that a cool idea? Youíd think weíd use this opportunity to go to a restaurant we havenít been to before, but no. Weíre going to the one we have brunch at every once and a while. Maybe next week weíll try something new.

Trevor Dunnigan and I have started going on dates on Wednesday nights because he likes to go out and I donít like crowds. Downtown Portland can get pretty busy on weekends, and Iím easily irritated by the slow walkers and window shoppers and drunk cruisers that populate the streets and restaurants on Saturday nights. But not as many folks go out in the middle of the week. And, because we meet right after work in a public place, it makes us feel like weíre actually dating, instead of having lived together for almost eight years. Itís fun. And, usually, I have more energy on Wednesday nights, because I havenít been home and put myself in Relax Mode. Itís difficult to do anything once Iíve hit Relax Mode, which explains why I can never get anything done on the weekends. That big blue chair just calls my name, and I sit all day watching CourtTV or The History Channel.

I went shopping for lunch. I didnít mean to, but a coworker was just jonesing to go, and I had nothing better to do.

I spent $85 on loungewear. And I canít even go home and lounge for another 6 hours. How unfair is this life, anyway? The funny part is we went shopping at Nordstrom Rack, so all the stuff was under 10 bucks, so now I have lots of new loungewear. I know what Iím doing this weekend, wink wink.

1:32 p.m. - 2003-04-09


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