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So, I've become susceptible to the various banner ads I see as I'm combing Diaryland, and I'm contemplating making one of my own. Problem is, I'm not that strong a graphic artist, and by that I mean, I'm decidedly not talented at all in that regard. Now that I have maybe one or two other folks reading this besides people I've physically shown the site to, I would welcome any hints. I liked Mrs. Roboto's banner especially, since it moved and all. Plus? She just added me to her buddy list and signed my brand-new guestbook, so I'm all about plugging her site, it's damn funny. Go now.

Although, if I make a banner to get people to come to the site, then I have to find things to say. And that's hard. I started this journal/blog/blournal/jog to document the many issues I was having with my health and my insurance and my pharmacy and my doctors, but things have gotten very easy lately (in no small part thanks to the genius of Vicodin), and it just feels self-indulgent to reminisce about the bad old days.

So, instead, I'll send all you readers who actually came to read today to Popcap games, where you can play all sorts of fun java games for free. I'm hooked on Alchemy (although that wizard creeps the hell out of me) and Bookworm. You can even download bookworm for your PDA. Sweet.

10:14 a.m. - 2003-04-02


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