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The warm glow of acknowledgement

There is no way my employers can expect me to work today when I've been mentioned in the latest Velcrometer entry. Score! It's very exciting to know that M. Giant has not only read my email, but deigned to comment on it. How exciting!

It is kind of sad that I base my self worth on the occasional recognition I receive by lurking on the periphery of actual well-written and entertaining sites like Velcrometer, Tomato Nation and Television without Pity, but self worth is self worth, even if it is measured in ha'pennies instead of gold bullion.

April Fools Day has never meant that much to me. For one thing, having the day officially proclaimed on the calendar tends to rule out the element of surprise, a fairly important part of any prank. Quite frankly, I'm surprised there's a second season of Crank Yankers, since there are only two states that allow phone calls to be recorded without the other person's permission, and you'd think people in New York and Nevada might be a little quicker to catch on. Or not.

I also dislike April Fools day because my main target has always been my mother, and that's just too easy. For at least 16 Thanksgivings in a row, I would eat the yellow and orange stripes off ten or twelve pieces of candy corn (thus leaving you with the white tips that looks suspiciously like baby teeth), then approach Mom with these piece in hand and make some pronouncement on someone knocking all my teeth out. And she responded with the same confusion and shock every damn year.

You would think, when your 29 year old daughter did this for the sixteenth time, you'd catch on and show her what losing a tooth really felt like.

But then again, that's probably why I don't have kids.

9:50 a.m. - 2003-04-01


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