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Waffle Cones

I am making an executive decision to take myself off this Effexor crap - it's giving me ADD. My office smells like waffle cones, so I can't analyze data like they're paying me to do because I keep thinking about ice cream. I've tired all my friends with my clingy requests to IM or go to lunch, and I just now got up to get something from the printer and ended up in the kitchen getting a diet coke and some peanuts. And I didn't remember I didn't get to the printer for 20 minutes.

Man, senility is hard.

I've only been on the full dose for 5 days, but that's enough to know that it's not doing me any good. I don't see Leslie, my therapist, until next Friday, so I can start weaning myself off it now and will be ready for the next little punch out card of samples at my next appointment.

The alternate weeks of rain and sunshine have brought hayfever season early. I subsist now on Benadryl and diet coke. Which makes me sleepy. To recap: I'm anxious, depressed, sleepy, attention deficient and tense.

Yup, I'm the whole package.

I'm yawning a lot. Hey, I wonder what my blood sugar is? 148. I guess I'm just oxygen deprived as well.

I have decided to put my other website on hiatus for a while. I just don't have the polar history mojo I once had. It's very depressing, but I don't have the energy for research and writing, and I don't have the talent for programming and web design. That site is fugly. Seriously. I haven't gotten around to writing the "This ain't workin'" page yet, because I'm not sure what I want to say. I should do that soon.

The waffle cone scent turns out to have been microwave kettle corn. Why would an office provide kettle corn instead of regular popcorn? Isn't popcorn a popular office snack because of its negligible caloric content? It just seems weird to me.

I'm trying to figure out the proper way to use the optional fields (as if Medicine balls actually had any readers, and they really wanted to know what I had for breakfast). I didn't think I was such an HTML newbie, but evidently there are gazillions of 12 year olds out there who could code rings around me. Bummer.

11:28 a.m. - 2003-02-26


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