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Legs of Authority, ass of ASS

OK - since the internet may not survive this third world war the talking monkey leading our stupid nation is about to gleefully start, I guess I'll weigh in on the whole fucking war thing.

This is not a war about US freedoms-- unless you mean the freedom of our vice-president to make millions in post-war Iraq.

This is not a war about US liberty-- unless you mean the liberties our government seems to think it has the right to take with other sovereign nations' economies, governments and existence.

This is not a war about protecting the American way of life-- unless you mean the way of life where people can fill up their SUVs for less than $25.

This is not an heroic war. This is not a "just" war. This is not a war to keep a powerful country from forcibly overrunning neighboring countries to create a new world order.

Oh wait, it's a war to allow a powerful country to do that. My bad.

I know this entry will put me on a list somewhere. I'm sure I'm already on one. I voted for Gore; I buy organic; I have a calico cat. Believe me, I'm being watched. But I just need to add my voice to others who are embarrassed by the stuttering, slack-jawed, arrogant, ignorant bully who currently holds office in "our" country.

A message to the world: I am so, so sorry.

2:15 p.m. - 2003-03-18


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